Waikato District Health Board Consumer Council: Member Position Description

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Waikato District Health Board Consumer Council—Member Position Description

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Title: Waikato District Health Board Consumer Council

Member Position Description

Responsible to: Chief Executive Officer

What the Consumer Council will do

The Consumer Council will work in partnership with leaders of the Waikato District Health Board (Waikato DHB) to make sure its services are as good as they can be and meet the needs of people in our communities. The different voices and experiences of Consumer Council members will collectively help shape what Waikato DHB does and how we do it, making sure we remain focused on the needs and experiences of people using its services.

Specifically, it will work with the Board and senior management to provide advice on:

The Consumer Council will cover all services the Waikato DHB provides.

Key tasks of a Consumer Council member

—provide advice on key strategic documents and plans from a consumer perspective

—promote consumer engagement across Waikato DHB and make sure it remains focused on the people we deliver services to

—focus on improving health outcomes for Māori, people living in rural communities and people living with disabilities (high-needs populations)

—guide DHB services to engage with consumers in service design and delivery (sign-posting to appropriate consumer networks/groups and advising on best approaches)

—identify opportunities where consumers should become involved in specific improvement projects

—advise on people-centred care approaches to service design and delivery

—ensure regular communication and networking with consumer groups, communities and consumers about the work of the Consumer Council (with support)

—maintain an overview of consumer engagement activity across the Waikato

Please note that the Consumer Council will be supported in its work by a DHB staff member. This will include assistance with communication and networking, both within the DHB and externally.

Duration of term

This will vary amongst members. Initially half of the members will be appointed for a one year term, and the remaining half for two years, with all further appointments being for terms of three years. Members may be re-appointed, but for no more than two additional terms.

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The CEO may at any time on written notice to the Chair and relevant member, remove a member from the Consumer Council if he considers that the member is failing to adequately perform the duties of the role.

Time commitment

Qualities, skills and experience

Personal Qualities

Knowledge and skills


Please note that we do not expect every person to have all of the above knowledge, skills and experience. We appreciate that some of these are learnt through experience and support and mentoring can be made available.

Code of Conduct


Members of the Consumer Council must abide by the following general principles of good governance in their role:

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Dealings with other members and staff

Members must conduct their dealings with other members and Waikato DHB staff:

Conflict of Interest

In the course of their duties members may receive information that they need to treat as confidential. Confidential information includes information that officers have judged there is good reason to withhold under the Official Information Act. Where this is the case, members must keep such information confidential (and not disclose it to any third party) and only use that information for the purpose of fulfilling their duties.


Waikato DHB seeks to promote the highest standards of ethical conduct. Accordingly, members must:

Support and payment to undertake the role

Orientation to the role, guidance and support will be provided to Consumer Council members, as required. This will include:

End of Member Position Description